Caramel Fruit Fusion

Caramel Fruit Fusion

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Roast: Medium Roast
Character: Caramel, Candy Bar, Fruit

Introducing Caramel Fruit Fusion, a medium roast Guatemalan coffee that's a tantalizing blend of indulgent caramel, candy bar sweetness, and vibrant fruit notes. This coffee is a sensory adventure, where every sip delivers the comforting warmth of creamy caramel, reminiscent of a decadent dessert. The candy bar sweetness adds an irresistible layer of richness, akin to your favorite confectionery treat. Balancing these sweet delights are lively fruit flavors, offering a zesty and fruity dimension that awakens your taste buds. Caramel Fruit Fusion is an exquisite harmony of flavors, combining the best of comfort and excitement in each cup. Embrace the fusion and savor the moment.

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